Documents to Immigration Bureau (VISA etc.)

Starting Business in Japan

Legal affairs before lawsuits

This is a "Gyoseishosi-lawyer"(Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist) and Financial planner office in Yokohama, Japan.

The representative acquired a Juris Doctor degree and had worked as a policy secretary to a member of the house of representatives since 2007.

I will provide you with the necessary advices for solving your problems.

When your troubles will come to need an attorney at law, I can introduce in some cases.


Making documents to Immigration Bureau

International divorce


Documents and Procedures concerning VISA
work visa, International marriage etc.

Application for certificate of eligibility

 extension of period of stay

 change of status of residence

 re-entry permit

 permission to engage in activities other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted

 permanent residence

 certificate of authorized employment


 special permission for over stayers


Starting business in Japan

Legal affairs before lawsuits


Establishment of corporations, branches in Japan

Empoyments of foreigners

Procedures to government and municipal officespublic agencies(Permissions etc.)

Making Articles of Incorporation

Substitution of making contracts(written in both English and Japanese)

Business concerning Copyright (Copyright registration against literary piracy etc.)


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TEL: 050-3393-9465(only in Japanese, English)


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